In about a year, David Simmons Designs took on five different homes built by Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes ( a link appears on home page to see more about this excellent builder ) This one is located on Prestonshire and involves several plaster finishes from Venetian plaster to another fine plaster called Lusterstone ( similar in application to Venetian Plaster without burnishing).  Lusterstone has an embedded metalic grit and come's in many premixed colors that can be custom mixed to achieve custom colors as well . 
 Kitchen cabinets, walls and metal hand rail's all received some kind of special Finnish as well as a multitude of stencil motifs in different areas like the entry, dining room, powder bath, and the cabinets in the master bath.
This is literally a show home of show homes and will be featured in the magazine The Builder's Journal very soon.  
Prestonshire Job 2008


Finally here is a finished look for the Lusterstone plaster walls and ceiling in the Master Bath area.

This is what Lusterstone is all about.


The formal dining room fully furnished showing off the Venetian Plaster beauty to it's fullest.  The inlaid stencil's were applied last and were rubbed down by applying the base color over the top's to soften the overall pattern.  A truly finished look for any home.


Custom Venetian Plaster technique before we actually took the golden background plaster and went back over the embedded stencils ( that are creamier and lighter) to create a more fresco look in this formal dining room are which is the center focal of the whole house.  This look could be accomplished in almost any color scheme upon request.


A powder bath finish to show off to any and all of your guest's.  Venetian plaster with several layers polished to a satiny finish and then we added a stencil pattern also with venetian plaster in a muted red tone.  Pull it all together with this ultra modern sink and mirror and it is a work of art.


Kids bathroom walls covered in a texture and raised stencil pattern custom made for this little girl, per request.


All of the iron work stair rails with gold and copper highlights throughout the house.


The before shot of the dining room walls with the approved sample of what is about to happen.  When doing these type of projects we always try to start with custom approved samples so that the customer knows what to expect and the finisher knows exactly where to take it as far as color and technique.


Also before fresco treatment added to complete the look.


Master bath area walls get Lusterstone ( see it started ) and the cabinets get a stencil and over glaze treatment.


Stencils started and Lusterstone getting started.


Master bath walls before we actual started the lusterstone look with the original sample board that is showing us the finished look to the customer as well as letting them know that this will be the new look for the entire room, walls and ceilings.


The kitchen area cabinets and island shot from the living room area. The cabinets are glazed with a gray wash that the was pulled from the marble counter-tops and was kept very subtle.

Showroom caliber if ever there was one.


A beautiful theatre room with black and red columns that have several special treatments on them to enhance the entire theatre experience.  It all works to create a very special area.


Kitchen cabinets formally glazed in a red mahogany/cherry look highlighted with a black toner glaze to create a much older and refined look.  The rest of the kitchen is painted a very white off white and finished off with a light gray glaze related to the white carrara marble that is used on all of the counter tops to give it a new but old feel that works with the space.


The island stained look before we did the black glaze toner to enhance the overall look.  This is the other side of the island as it has different features but it is the same island.


This is the down stairs Powder bath area that we also did in a Venetian Plaster technique but went in a totally warmer color palette to compliment this area. This space is compiled of two room (sink area and toilet area) connected by a rounded corner arched doorway with no door.  This is an extra challenge to use plaster on rounded corners and to make it look good. After the plaster was completed but before it was burnished, we again added special stencils to create extra movement in the space and to complete the look and feel that we were going for to the joy of both my team and the home owner.


The two pictures above, the main kitchen area, glazed and a stencil applied to the vent a hood area, and the shot of the custom stencil technique in the main entry softened with a glaze to make the transformation complete.
This Lusterstone picture is the finished look to the Prestonshire set on the previous set of pictures but it does give you a good look at what the lusterstone movements and how it picks up on the light.

Early shot of the master bath before look.


Office/study area walls painted an orange red and glazed with a warm brown to create a suede look.

Ceiling also given a nice warm movement.


Formally black columns painted black and then crackled with a bright red and then glazed over to really age the Theatre area of the house.


After Venetian treatment and Venetian stencil added but before we toned back the perfect stencil look with more of the base colors to give it more of a fresco look.


Another before picture of the Lusterstone plaster product about to be applied and transform this already elegant bathroom to a much higher plateau of excellence.