The Kitchen Source's newest location in the Design District off of Oak Lawn and it's new show room area's that I had the distinct pleasure to help make show worthy. To contact them at 214-741-1912 to help you with any of your needs in the design and installation of almost any type of home application.  I will explain some of these areas and there newest looks.
To contact the staff and to look at there web site go to www.thekitchensource.net or go to the showroom at 1544 Slocum St. in the Design District off of Oak Lawn Ave.


The new store front of the new location on Slocum Street with an added feature of my logo on my truck.  Just for show.
I have been sub-contracting for the Kitchen Source designers for several years now and plan on staying around for many more.


The beautiful space dedicated to kitchen remodeling that has new tile features and the walls are a new product that is a plaster type product with a metallic glitter/grit added and creates the glitter movement as it is applied in layers.  The color is a blend of two different ready mixed colors available in this Lusterstone product which is available locally.


Another view of the kitchen area to show off a little bit.  Included is my partner and head artist, Derek Minor.  A man of many artistic talents who helps immensely on any and all of my projects.


Yet one more view of this beautiful space.  Contact the Kitchen Source for a space of your own then call me to complete the look, hopefully.


Yet another showroom that is Kitchen Source, and this one is a totally different look fore the kitchen look that involves a textured look and a more golden base coat followed by a warming glaze to complete this particular look.  This look could also belong to you with the right guidance and color selection, which are trademarks of David Simmons Designs and the fine designers of the Kitchen Source professionals.
This particular mural was done by another muralist in the employ of the Kitchen Source and done after we did the wall glaze look. A very good job though.