This a before we glazed but after we added texture and primed the space and added our paint base color and readying for the glaze technique that is to follow.  Colors and techniques were done jointly with BGO architects and David Simmons Designs to come up with the perfect look for this Sales office/Club House area.

Contact BGO and Jeannine Bazer at 214-520-8878 and visit Jeannine at jbazer@bgoarchitects.com.


BGO Architects featuring Jeannie Bazer completes the look by adding furniture and accessories that give it the lived in final look.


The kitchen bar area and the dining area's seem ready to go with the hand picked accessories.


The front of the new and remodeled project of David Simmons Designs located in Northlake Texas across from the Texas Motor Speedway off of Hwy. 114.  Come on inside.


Before glaze shot in a different area.


A dramatic new look is created with a four step technique that would work in many spaces like formally wall papered areas like bathrooms and kitchens to main living room areas and master bed room walls and ceilings. The options are endless.  I will work personally with anyone interested in getting a new look like this one or any other look that you have seen here or in a magazine or even at a friends house. My many years of service in the industry combined with over twenty years in the custom color matching business's that I have been involved with, should be able to let me help anyone get to where they want to be, finish wise.


Finally I can rest after the completion of this great space made better with its custom furnishings that make it inviting to just sit and observe the movement of the glazed walls.


Another planed piece to bring the space some warmth.


The chimney area is brought more to life with an addition of color with a painting.


Another before we glazed shot to show just how much of an affect we produced after this space was glazed.


The glazing technique has warmed up the large cold space and turned it into a most inviting space to set up purchasing or renting your new apartment or home. After which it also doubles as an entertainment / Club House area to meet up with other tenants in you new home area.
The glaze used is called BurntUmber/RawUmber since those two artist colors were combined to create the new color. The technique is called a soft rub because we remove the majority of the color and let it bring out our custom texture pattern ever so lightly with a pleasing new look.


Of course I have to have a shot of me and the finished space that has just been worked on.  Note, Faux Finnish guys, like myself, make the best painters because we know what works for an overall look that sometimes painters fail to notice.  One main thing is to understand that the topcoat on an area that gets glazed is much more important that it is sealed well than a painted Finnish that does not get glazed, needs to be.

Also edges must be straighter that they normally might have to be just because you will want to show off a Special Finnish more than a painted wall, and the beauty is that you will not have to point that fact out as it will be noticed immediately that you did something special.



Another photo of the Chadwick Apartments Clubhouse/rental office. Over 3000 Square Feet of wall space that we textured, primed, painted a base coat, and did a glaze technique with a special color called Burnt Umber/Raw Umber to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for tenants to meet and enjoy themselves on special occasions.


The back door area of the 3000 sq foot space project that was textured in about four days and then after all of the floors and staining and cabinet installations were completed Me and my crew came in and ran the entire space in less than a week to give it the complete look that it needed to impress the new tenants to be upon first inspection.  Next came the custom furniture installation ( also by BGO architects) to complete the finished look and be ready for business.


One of our newest projects completed in December of 2009 in Northlake, Texas at the Chadwick Apartments at 13900 Chadwick Parkway.  The wonderful work of BGO Architects ( 214-676-4070) featuring Jeannine Bazer, FASID Design Studio Partner, helped working with me to come up with the color designs that gave this beautiful space the look and feel that it has today.