Miami, Florida condo project on the 21st floor facing the Atlantic Ocean for Dallas designer, Jay Johnson's clients.  Four of these shots are of different bathroom looks done in LusterStone product ( a special plaster product in many colors that contains a metallic additive to pick up the light ).  To help me in Miami I brought with me two talented artisans and I hired one local artisan. My crew consisted of me, Pedro, Rod Thomas and a local contractor named Mareiseio.
With the help of a very good crew and some local talent as well we were able to knock out this extremely large project in about five weeks during which I flew back home several times for sanity purposes


This dome on the ceiling in the main dining room area was totally constructed by Pedro and custom colored to become a center piece for the valuable chandelier that went in the space too.  Also notice that the wood built in in the back ground is not finished yet as this is a before shot for that piece.


This is the main living area that faces the picture window view and the glaze and base coats on the wall in a way, try to work with the warm Miami culture of colors and has a subtle wave of glaze color to keep that theme alive. The furniture accentuates the overall picture.
The ornate crown molding is accentuated with a metallic and a silver glaze look to work with the overall complete theme that we were trying to convey.


A special glaze wash to compliment the formal dining room area and to help show off the more than $50,000.00 custom glass collection that was collected in the Dallas area and flown in for the final overall look, was applied over a previously stained and sealed spaced wall unit that was custom built to hold the glass collection and show it off in the best possible way.


My Florida / Miami crew back in Dallas at my house for my 55th birthday party.  Feels great to have gone and conquered our finishing project and to return home and party in style.


In the main powder bath ( the showiest of them all except the Master bath ( her) which is the multi layered blueish one) was created by using red and gold in a layered look until the gold took over but the red stayed in the depths for a really great look. I hired Rod from FXDallas to help me with the multiple lusterstone looks to allow me to run all of the projects at once.


The suttle warm glaze on the walls in the Master Bed room ( which also has a spectacular blue ocean view, that you can not purchase in Dallas, Texas ).  The custom headboard worked great with the look of the suttle warm glaze to bring the entire space to where we wanted to be for our client.


This shot of the special glaze multi layered look for the main kitchen area worked with the square finishes that were involved it that area anyway so using several "Miami like" colors overlapping in this relatively small space we were yet again able to create the "wow" factor in yet another room.  My thanks to the ingenious mind of Pedro again to create this look and pull it off in what time that we had left before the new tenants were to show up and actually move in.


Her master bath done in several shades of a special version of blues.


This is my beautiful view from the balcony of this project located on the 21st floor facing the ocean in North Miami Beach.  I could see the ocean every day but I only got my feet wet once in five weeks of work. This was an evening shot that had beautiful shadow shots of the sky scraper buildings across the beach front.

I will never forget this time and project of a lifetime in Miami.


This whole project would not have happen without our local designer, also from the Dallas area, Jay Johnson, who hired me and let me hand pick my crew of artisans to come to Miami, Florida and in a span of five weeks, create the magic that is in these photos for his clients.
Jay runs a design business and also owns and runs Willow Creek Inc., a full service florist shop located near Central Expressway and Walnut Hill Lane.    The address is;  8041 Walnut Hill Lane  Suite 854      Dallas, Texas 75229    214-369-3776     Fax# 214-369-3778.
Give Jay and his fine staff a call for the best in Dallas style and service on many levels.


Rod Thomas is one of my expert artisans that came to Miami from the Dallas, Texas area to help complete this huge project. He applied this look with the color Chared Gold ( silvery in color). This area is called the Master Bath "His" and the Bluer shades of walls is know as the Master Bath "Hers". Both of these bathroom are off of the Master Bedroom area that also received several layers of special Lusterstone plaster applications.


This shot is from there living room into the kitchen area inside but shows the balcony area and the glass walls that bring the ocean in the room as part of the overall look.  Once I win the lottery, I will look to be this clients neighbor or at least somewhere near by with this view.


This shot of the ocean from our balcony shows the adjoining condos balcony looking back to the North of the building.  There is nothing like blue sky and bluer ocean water to keep people coming back to the ocean to relax and enjoy.  Especially when you client lives in Canada for the rest of the year before coming home to this location in Miami.  Must be nice.


Her master bath ended up using at least four different colors layered into the overall look and the completed look actually pulled light from the blue gem chandelier to complete the finished masterful look that we had always intended to with the help of Designer who ran this job, Jay Johnson, also of Dallas,Texas fame.