Desco project (2011 to 2012) PJCH new build project. 


Long entry hall glazed and antiqued.  Adjoining dining room finished with a LusterStone treatment on top of a light texture.


LusterStone metalic texture added over a base color in the formal dining room to add depth and a light metalic shimmer. This look was carried on into the custom oversized wine room that is next to the dining room area.


Kitchen cabinets glaze look getting applied to the crown and side to show the transformation of plain painted look verses a warmer glazed look.


A darker glaze movement is added to the kitchen island and to all of the cabinets other than the main kitchen cabinets which were glazed lighter. This makes the island look like it is a built in and makes it stand out with a bolder look.


The white cabinets with a glaze added to highlight the carveing and to bring out the style of the kitchen cabinets and to tie in the color of the granite and the backsplash tile.


Over the stove cabinets before glaze is added.  Nice but not the finished look.


Wine room area with Lusterstone applied to ceiling and rounded back wall well before wine room installed.


A close up of the antiquing glaze treatment in the main entry hall area.


LusterStone metallic plaster material added over textured and painted walls in the formal dining room walls and ceiling areas.  This product is shown with a flash and without a flash to show reflective qualities.

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