Working with designer Carmella James and our homeowner, we came up with a transformation that kept her color scheme overall but richened up the island and the built in cabinets with a toner glaze technique on each and getting rid of the paper and replaceing it with a texture paint and glaze technique that included a raised stencil overglazed with a gold rub.


Formally wallpaper now turned into a texture paint and glaze look with raised stencils added and tipped out with a gold glaze as well.  Also staying in the vibrant red family like the wallpaper from before.


As we were doing the wallpaper we also did a redo on the island which had a bit of a special finish but was too light for the area ( see the before ).  A darker warmer tone was applied one area at a time until the new look was achieved that added to the overall new look.


A closeup of the finished new look with the texture paint and glaze movement topped with a raised stencil and then highlighted with a gold tone wash.


The previous finish ( not a bad look in itself but too light for this project ) before we warmed it up.


A before of what we actually covered up.  This is achieved by either primering over the paper with an oil based primer and then adding texture, or by removing what we can and then adding the primer.

The difference is whether or not there is adhesion of the wallpaper or not.


Another before shot of the existing paper.


This built in in the dining room area next to the kitchen was never special glazed finished until now.  We actually distressed ( beat it up with several tools of the trade ) and added a version of the glaze used in the kitchen on the island.  This allowed the dining room to blend better with the kitchen for a more finished look.


The before photo of the built in in the dining room.


A closeup of the wall and glaze looks.


The new finished look.  It really brings out the overall feel of this updated kitchen area.


after the painting but before the glazeing.

Another fine example of what can be achieved with out tearing out everything and starting over and the use of several decorating techniques to achieve a totally new updated environment.