This is my latest and ongoing project that will be completed in late November and be ready for the hollidays with its new updated look.  November 28, 2010.

A beautiful home in Las Collinas where the choices of the previous owners are being corrected to suit the needs of the new owner by completely changing the color tone of all of the interior cabinets with a technique that requires no striping, very little sanding, and a colored glaze/varnish that gives them new life.

This is a hand done directional glaze that not only changes the color but creates a new direction for the grain content as well to help hide the undesirable look of the grain before.


The kitchen cabinets in progress with sections being transformed one piece at a time.  Our new back-splash has been added and we are ready to create our new look for this area as well.


After our toning look has been fine tuned but before the walls have there new color added.  We are getting to where we were shooting for all along as we are getting close to our overall new look.


Stove side of kitchen cabinets half done to show the directionally technique and to reiterate that it is all hand done.


More of the cut in completed for our new wall paint custom color.


Cabinets finished and the walls about to be painted.  Quite a change.


Another shot of the completed look.


Kitchen cabinets in progress.


If you notice the before during and after looks you actually get a good idea of what we are trying to complete here.



This is a special rack that holds all of the kitchen doors as they have to be done one side at a time and then left to dry before we flip them to do both front and back.  One more calculated step.


This is where samples of the wall color to be are and the chosen new color called " Quayle House Tan" that we have started to do the cut in with.  Transformation is on going.

These are the pictures from the master bedroom and the master bath areas that were completed before we were able to get the kitchen cabinets rolling.  The hold up was the addition of a new back-splash and the removal of the old one.  The wait was well worth it with the overall new look.


A built in TV cabinet in the master bed room that has been transformed inside and out to go with the new rich look that also works with the home owners existing furniture.


the chest of drawers in the master bath closet with only one side glazed and one side before glaze.  A very distinct new look that not only down sizes the grain but rich ens the whole room with a new look.


Derek working on cabinets in master bath area.


The dresser drawers in master bath closet in progress.  This shows that all of this color application is done by hand and done in a piece by piece direction as well for our very customized new look.


A look at the technique and the product in action.  Some doors are finished and this one is in progress to give you an idea of the direction that we are trying to achieve and how I get that to the point that I need to to complete the look.


The dresser drawers in the master bath closet after the toning is complete.  The changes work to transform this piece to out new updated warmer look.


Cabinets in the master bath with our new look.


A during shot as after we finished the original color toning, we had to go over them one more time to make sure that each piece matched the other pieces.

This look can be completed over any color previously stained cabinets to upgrade the look and to compliment new additions like new counter tops or new floors and to tie them together with color.
We can also prime and paint over existing cabinets to create a custom glaze technique over the painted cabinets look for another new direction.  Samples available upon request.
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