My largest and most overlaped job to date.  A gut and remodel project that was commisioned to do in ten days, and completed in fifteen days, still on time.


The center of our project is the kitchen/eating area located where the most tear out happened. All new cabinets were installed stained and sealed in a two day span then we applied the black directional glaze to complete the look.  The penny panels were added next. These were made by applying pennies over a black background and using a pour on epoxy that made a hard multi layer finish then having them mounted and framed.


The window end of the grand living room where we glazed a brown glaze over tan walls that had been textured and painted to help create the new warm movement that makes this whole house pop.


The center of this project house that includes not only new beams but a combination of a ceiling and wall glaze over orange colored walls to bring out the new look.

Also all cabinets were stained and glazed with a black color over a rich stain as well as my penny bar panels that also had the same color scheme as the entire kitchen.

All of these things came together to make this the center of the home.


This is also part of the living room walls that we glazed and this is the side towards the entry but separated with the upstairs landing area, that is also glazed.

The built in cabinets have the same color tones as the kitchen cabinets with a rich stain color and a black glaze technique to complete the new look.


Now we come to the master bath walls and cabinets. The cabinets were painted to a light white color and the black glaze was applied in a striae look that included "fly specking" to give it an older appearance.

The walls were painted a green color and glazed with a special color of mine called Sable to add to the texture with a very pleasing movement.


Another shot of the master bath cabinets with the his and hers area that was created just for these homeowners.  All cabinets in this home were ripped out and built just for each area from the kitchen cabinets to the laundry rooms to the master bath and we primed, painted and finished out every one in our fifteen day's alloted for this project as well as all of the walls and ceilings and the penny panels.  Talk about speed and excellence.


The formal dining room area done in a special venitian plaster and oil glazed look for a low sheen warm feel.


The entry area that is part of the living room area that includes the grand staircase and is equally about twenty five feet tall walls all done with a special texture paint and glaze new look.


This is the kitchen and bar area in an earlier shot. The penny panels are installed but we are still fine tuning the cabinet glaze and the walls and ceiling glazes for the looks to come.

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