Another Phillip-Jennings custom home project and this one is now occupied by the owners of the company, Phillip and Heidi and there newest addition ( who just turned one year old, congratulations!).  I'll call this set of photos Northwood in relation to the location of the property.
This house is also composed of custom glaze techniques in many room highlighted by the kitchen cabinets with there custom stencil motif over the stove area. The Dining room has a gold and deep red mixture dominated by the more golden look to match or work with the fabric used on the chairs that helped to create this look.  The entry and Master Bath areas are stenciled in special stencils and then glazed over them to create depth. This is also one of my "show home" that I love to show off.  Thanks, David Simmons.


This is the deep/gold lusterstone application in the second of three step's and the next step is more golden to complete the textured look and feel.  Each steep has to be troweled on and dried before the next step is applied.


Formal dining room after the three steps of lusterstone and burnished slightly to give it it's sheen and then we stenciled in a metallic gold an all over pattern between the ceiling beams to give it it's final special unique look. Another one-of-a-kind special look from the artisans at David Simmons Designs.




The Master Bath walls and cabinets are treated with a toner glaze to complete the overall feel of the house and we also added a custom stencil to the crown before it too was over glazed to bring the entire area together and make this brand new area look lived in and definitely much warmer for years to come.


This is another show room area in this wonderful house of very special looks created with David Simmons Designs and the direction of Phillip Fristo, owner and architect for Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes.

The cabinets are treated to a multiple step technique to give it this superb quality to enhance these basic painted cabinets and to bring them up to regal status.


When you enter this show home of a house, the first thing that you see is this marvelous entry complete with stencils and toner wall glaze to give this house an old world effect immediately.  This look works great with the groin ceiling and greets anyone who enters this property.