My latest CWV project. David Simmons Designs and Hickman Homes ( builder ) are at it again and the finished looks will be updated as they happen and they are happening.
The latest photos are added today ( March 2010) and further updates will come as added.
This project is very close to completion.  Enjoy.   David Simmons.....


Our current project located in Cottonwood Valley community of Las Collinas.  Looks good from the road and even more dramatic spaces to work with on the inside. We are currently working to complete this project by February 1st.
Exterior texture is being done by J.M.G. Stucco Contractors and you can reach Miguel at 214-497-7338 to get an estimate on your job.


Upstairs game room area and theatre room area.


Another view of this area that is going to be the focal area of the upstairs.  See below the next picture of the wall glaze darkened to give it it's final look before the columns are changed.


Living room ceilings before special glaze techniques were added.


Shot from dining room into entry and living room areas.  Columns glazed much warmer.


Inside the front door still under construction as noted by the scaffolding, the far hall walls and the niche are already glazed with a nice warm color that will eventually be the color for most of the entry area.


Formal dining room wall glaze and column glaze.


Over glaze toner added to collum in almost finnished living room area.


Another view of glazed areas in game room , theatre room areas.



This home has an extra feature as it contains two Master bedroom suites. This is the ceiling ( not completed yet) in Suite Number 1 (as we call it) with the base color glaze that receives another movement toner glaze on the upper most area to complete the look.


Master Bath area ceilings getting the extra movement required in the barrel ceiling area to give it that little extra something to draw attention upward.  Later we will post finished pictures but for now, I want to show what we go through to achieve each custom look and just so you know, each one is applied by hand and just by doing it that a way, they instantly become custom to the area that they are applied to.


Now this is what a Groin ceiling that has several special glaze finishes and now includes the lighting fixtures is supposed to look like.  This is one of four hallway ceilings in this house and each one is a unique space on its on.
The Groin texture on the ceilings of these halls actually could stand alone but with the added enhancements that a glaze brings, they become magical. A job well done in an atmosphere that can handle it.
As an artist, this is one for a web site because it is so photogenic.
The beauty is, I can give homeowners this respect for there individual spaces with special finishes and they will not have to have all of these extras. Contact me for your quote to do this to your house today.


To finish out the special look of the formal dining room area, several stencil techniques were added and the toner/wall glaze will be added too to complete this look.  Another great look.


After Derek adds stencil, I follow with the glaze to enrich the overall appearance and give it the finished look. This Dineing Room is complete.


The Dining room finished out and now the jewel of the project.


After adding the high gloss polished look to complete this look.  It is now back to "real marble" at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.  Not to mention the weight on a second floor.


White columns now with a marble treatment to finish out the Theatre Room look.  One of the final pages in this project.  Here are several columns with the new look.


The Living Room ceiling with a background movement and followed with an overall stencil technique to really give a unique and one of a kind look to this new residence.  We have quite a large selection of stencil patterns to fit the special need of any client that has a space that would support the look, as this one obviously does.
Also the crown molding with a raised carved pattern is brought to life with a two step toner glaze technique the we use alot to create extra interest where extra interest needs to be.


Master Bedroom suite Number 2 is on the opposite side of the house and has it's own Master Bath area as well.  The base colors for the separate MB suites are different and that makes the glaze looks come out different to make each one a unique space on it's own accord.  This uppermost ceiling area also receives an extra movement to highlight the architectural movement there as well.


Custom ceilings in four different hallways give this space a uniqueness that is quite stunning in itself but will take on a different aspect as we glaze the groin area and all of the walls to go with the large entry space, color wise, and with an added highlight glaze to bring out the architectural movement.

This is a prime example of why you would a skilled builder like Woody Hickman who has been doing home on this high skill level for many years and also why he chooses to use my company to add special interest to these areas after they are completed.


The application of the stencil pattern is applied by Derek.  A really great addition to the whole project.


The newest addition to the Theatre Room area, a darker wall glaze look.  Next is to marbleize the columns and that will complete the look.


Finished newest look complete with the high gloss polished look to add the drama to the marble look. Impressive!


A better look at the stencil techniques on the Living Room Ceiling.  Almost Through with the entire house.  Soon!


Along with the marbleize treatment on the columns, the walls were toned darker to further enhance the Theatre room overall look.  Now we need the large screen and a few chairs along with the sound system and we will be ready for a movie.