Gallery I

The Make -a- Wish Parade of home in Frisco, Texas working with the builder Dan St. Claire owner of Quantum Homes.
In a time frame of five weeks we glazed about 20,000 square feet of wall space and ceiling space with several custom color glazes.  Also several decorative stencil's are stationed around the house capping off with the Foundation special room dedicated to the Spider-man theme


A closeup of the mural custom applied in this space above the entry area in a Spanish villa theme, like the actual theme of the home on parade.  This work was done by my Muralist Pedro and he can be reached for individual projects thru David Simmons Designs at 214-924-0419.


The add for the Parade of Homes in Frisco, Texas from the Spring of 2007 and all of the homes on parade were also "Green Homes" which means in affect, energy saving homes.  A pretty good special for today's times.


The Master bedroom area ( which I personally hosted during the parade tour) Has a two toned look ceiling in the blue/green feel and also a two toned look walls in the gold/brown format. The ceiling also is circled with a running stencil that is behind the glaze look for continued depth.  The main color of glaze used in the largest areas in a SW color called Sable.


This is the custom wine room area done with the brick with plaster falling off look and it is on several walls in this room to give it the old world feel that a wine room needs.


Another spectacular wall in the theme kids bedroom.  Every wall and the ceiling were approached for this look but this is my favorite.


In the study area, a light cream color was the base for a two step glaze technique that started with a custom red glaze ( on file) followed by the SW Sable glaze to create the very most depth that you can get with multiple glazes of multiple colors. After the Parade tour, this technique was picked up by several prominent home owners for there homes.



The Rotunda walls and ceiling done with an aged look that leads up to the mural in the dome. Work done by my associate Pedro (who can be contacted through me as well) who is quite a sight artist and can actually apply his talents on almost any surface from motorcycles to tall ceilings.


The Master Bath area painted a golden color followed with a Sable colored glaze and softened up to enhance the space.


Downstairs walls and ceilings glazed in a rub technique for a light look but really warms up and highlights the hand troweled texture.


Upstairs master bath walls and ceilings that match the US master bed room look too. This is a pounced glaze look with a Raw Umber glaze over the light cream color to create more movement in all areas.


The unfinished fountain in the entry area also below the Mural in the dome which sits on a terracotta special formation floor.  The finished look is spectacular.


Another fine mural in the "Make-a-Wish" tradition of customizing an area for the recipient of the foundation wish room done by my muralist. I have many other shots of this amazing room.


One of my valued employees in the "Game Room" area next to the built in salt water aquarium, another wonderful feature for the parade home.  We did a warming glaze technique on the walls to continue the techniques that are used throughout this beautiful home. I promised Ted a photo on my web site, here it is.


Me with the builders Daniel St. Claire and Barbara Cominoli representing Quantum Custom Homes ( who can be reached at 972-401-1333 or 972-965-5426 ) if you need them to build your home as well.
This home was called "Casa De Suenos" which means "House of Dreams".  This photo was taken at the awards banquet where we received several awards that make it all worth while.  A show-home worthy of any parade of homes show.