A prime, texture, prime, paint and glaze new look for my client.


This is the finished look that started out as a red patterened wallpaper that came with the house that the homeowner could never
work in the budget to get made into a new inviting look, until I was able to give here some options.
Once we masked off and covered the floor, we started with an Alkyd ( quick dry oil ) primer.  We use this because if the paper is on tight ( glued down well ) and we need to seal it to move on to the water based mud texture ( drywall mud ).
Next is to paint a basecoat that works with the look that is requested and on the ceiling we use a 25% formula to make it one forth of the wall color
as to add color but not go too dark.
The application of the glaze color ( Bryant Glaze, my name for it ) turns the blueish color to a new warm and interesting new look that works well with my clients new artwork.


This is our wallpaper that we were to get rid of.


This is the wallpaper where we pulled off any of the loose paper which was only around plugs and switches, and were ready to start priming.


This photo shows the solid color application and what we do to it to create our new slight movement look.  This look requires several steps as we want to keep the base color involved, so we start by adding a layer of paint thinner over the glaze first and it pushes the glaze away some so when we come back to soften with a dry rag, it absorbs any color that we do not want and creates our new look.


The finished look and my clients new artwork.  A look that works for everbody and will be like a seamless wallpaper in a much more pleasing color than the red paterened wallpaper.

Now when people visit this house, they will be drawn to this distinctly new look.

Another fine job by David Simmons Designs.


Another " before " look and how it looked with the furniture in the room.


Now the primer has dried and we are starting to hand trowel on a new texture that creates a very light texture but it hides the seams from the wallpaper

that we do not want to see.  This step takes the longest to dry.  After it dries, we have to prime the new mud with a waterbased primer before we add out paint color.

We will be working in the Hackberry Creek and the Cottonwood Valley gated communities for as long as our services are needed.
You can contact us at 214-924-0419 or sending an email to daside@sbcglobal.net.
Thank You,
David Simmons