This page is going to be several projects that I will include as an update to the overall appearence of my web site.  First Project;
This project started as wallpaper on walls and ceiling.  First, the bead board was added to the ceiling and then stained and sealed. The painted beam was repainted and wood grained to match the bead board as well as the vents.  All other wallpaper was primed and then a very heavy texture was applied to match the master bedroom walls that I had done several years ago.  Next, we applied a base color and then finished off with a glaze technique to bring out the texture.
Additional projects;



After wallpaper removed, texture was added to create a depth and this takes several times. Once it is dry and cleaned up we follow with primer and then the base coat.




The finnished look on the bead board with a satin varnish and the walls are glazed.

This shot is a close up of the look of the texture in its finnished look.  If you notice a pattern forms in relationship to the movement of the texture but is broght to life with the application of the glaze.



A closer look at the finnished application of texture, primer, paint, and glaze.  This is the look that we are looking for to finnish out the Master Bath remodel.

Now we go to Austin and another Toll Brothers model home designed by Hallmark Designs and Kristy Mastrandonas.  Here are some of the beautiful things that we helped create.


The beautiful view of the Austin countryside just outside the living room area looking out over the wooded hills in an area close to Travis Lake.


The livingroom/kitchen area with the kitchen glazed.


This is a TornPaper technique that creates the look of custom imbeded stone and the colors are warm and inviteing to complement this home office/study space.  The color scheme could be made to fit almost any area since it is all made by hand.



Acloser look at the glaze's in the kitchen area.  Walls are glazed with a warming movement with a color that I call Southlake Brown and the cabinets are highlighted with a slightly darker color.


The inhome office/study area is the special place to preform any home office chores and enjoy being in this space while doing them.  The walls are in the tornpaper technique and applied in a decopage style and the deep red stained cabinets are crakeled and glazed in a black look to achieve great depth for this finnished look.


This is another shot of a work in progress.  The crakel is applied to the red stained area and the black glaze is next to complete this look.


This girls room project makes it inviteing for any young girl to live out her princess fantasies with custom stencils and murlas to compliment this area.  Another beautiful project done by Pedro Bermudez who can be reached thru me for any proposals.


The finnished tornpaper look with the crakel and black glazed area in progress.


Another step on the crakel with black glaze in progress.