Designer Devika Chand new home in Fairview, Texas that we worked on in 2009 and changed the stained cabinets in the kitchen and butlers pantry areas to a primed and painted look with a dry brushed glaze to beautify and enhance the new looks of both areas. The walls were paper and we did a texture paint and glaze look with a raised stencil technique added to increase the total feel and bring the walls to life.
We have many other areas of the house to show off in the near future but this one had to be first as it shows the transformations possible on any cabinetry from stained to painted and vice verse with glaze techniques.


The finished custom kitchen that both Davika and I envisioned and created with the creative use of primers base coats and finished glaze techniques to simulate a warm wood grain look only much lighter than before.

The addition of losing the paper and replacing it with texture paint and glaze in bolder colors helped create the overall final look.


My partner in finishes, Derek Minor, was instrumental in completing this Lusterstone look in a deeper blue look for an upstairs guest bedroom.  We have talked about adding a raised stencil in a peacock motif and it is yet to come, but look for an updated photo when it does happen.


The before look of the kitchen cabinets before we came in and primed them and repainted them a nice light color and followed with a dry brushed look to make them change to a much more pleasing look to enhance the new space. The walls had paper before too.


here I am putting the finished touches on the new ( with paint and glaze) kitchen vent a hood ( formally stained wood like the rest of the kitchen cabinets) and if you notice the walls are all textured and glazed to help complete the overall look for my Designer client in her new home.


A close up of what used to be paper and now is a beautiful texture paint and glaze look with an added feature of an additional raised stencil that is highlighted with the paint and glaze look also. The stencils done in a"fresco" style and that means that it is faded out in places to create an older feel and create more interest but not to dominate the overall look.  We have a very extensive collection of stencils for any enhanced look in most any area of the house or business.


The formally stained wood cabinets in the butler pantry area were primed, painted black and finished out with a deep bronze glaze technique to give it a more noticed enhancement. This look could also be recreated in a wide array of colors that could be envisioned with a collaboration of each individual client on a one to one basis to achieve your custom look. David Simmons Designs will work with clients on large projects and smaller projects with the same vigor and creativity.


The butler pantry before as a stained piece.


The new butlers pantry painted black and highlighted with a bronze toned highlight tone to completely change the feel of the butler's pantry and help complete the upgraded new look that we are striving for.


This is a close up of the wall texture with a darker warm color glazed with an even darker glaze that is mostly removed to reveal the raised stencil texture that was added to the already troweled texture look and completed the overall new look in the kitchen area.
This house was a collaboration with the designer/friend who owns this particular house, but for clients that need my professional help with my many years in the business, or even help from one of my many designer friends that also help with things like color selection and even with accessories after the fact, contact me at 214-924-0419 and we can help.