Gallery III represents the Toll Brothers sales office in the Preston Lakes community in Plano, Texas south of Parker Road on Ohio going south. The address is now privately owned but the look will be in the community for years to come. This is the before and after of the textured walls and the painted cabinets in the kitchen area. The textured walls are painted a powder blue and glazed with a medium brown to give them a pleasing earthy muted green look after a brown glaze was applied to the entire area. On the light cream painted cabinets another brown toned glaze was applied in a directional glaze to simulate a very light wood treatment by settling in the recesses (like the corbels) as well as giving the wood feel look.
This project was also the master plan of Kristy Mastrandonas owner of Hallmark Design Group. She can be contacted at 214-458-9479 and could be invaluable in any design situation.
Only the first two photos are the Model Home but the rest are the second home based on the model design and the model colors, but a totally other house but in the same Preston Lakes area.


Toll Brothers show home kitchen before any glaze techniques or granite counter-tops were installed. Notice the blue color on the walls and the cream color on the cabinets.


Now we get to the reason that we are used to show off any area that you want people to say "Wow" and start to ask, "What did you use and how did you do that", which are exactly what you want people to say especially when this space is about to be the sales office for the entire community. Also notice the custom broken tile work and the hand painted rendition behind the stove area. Both are one of a kind custom works by my associate, Pedro, who can be reached through David Simmons Designs at 214-924-0419. Pay attention to the toner glazes used on the walls and the cabinets that are the key to the entire overall look.


Another home in Preston lakes designed with the colors and glazes in the model home with the same layout but customized by the home owners. Another feature that DSD offers is to prime paint and glaze man made stone fireplaces to make the custom to the space.  We also did this technique in the model home but the fireplaces were slightly different. This type of Faux Finnish is something that we have offered and commissioned many times in many looks.



A closer look of the glaze used in both the cabinets and the walls.  The look works for many areas of your home as well as it does here with subtle changes such as base-coats and glaze colors to create your own special look. My many years in the paint industry will help any homeowner to get exactly the look that they are searching for, working with a designer or with me and my crew. The results are staggering.


Adding the Bryant Glaze technique that turns our light blue walls to a new and appealing color look.  This is also before we primed, painted and glazed the mantel area to totally warm up this end of the Living Room and complete the overall look.


The model design and colors used in a new home also located in the Preston Lakes area but customized by the new homeowners. All of the glaze colors were decided from the model and that takes allot of the guesswork out of the second take on the look, but even so, an entirely different space.


The custom island has several updated looks like the material used on the floor and the material used on the island counter-top, both unique to the new space and different from the Model Home which you see in the top two photos.


In the formal dining room upper wall area behind the kitchen and facing the front door when you come in, we applied a Venetian Plaster technique and burnished it to create a beautiful interest spot as background for the mirror to come that completes this areas look.  Another feature in an already beautiful home.  Note, this is the office/show home feature and we did not carry it into the second homes look, which was privately owned.


Notice that the custom back-splash and the custom painted tiles behind the stove are different that the ones in the Model Home photos above but are created by Pedro again ( well the painted tiles anyway ). Also notice that the actual layout of the cabinetry is exactly the same but the feel is totally different.


Notice that the cabinet features are the same as for the total design but this is a totally different house than the Model Home with many features that were requested by the homeowner.
The people are only for effect which includes some of my people, some other workers and maybe a homeowner or two. Thanks, David.