Here it is February 5th and we are getting closer to finishing this rather large project.  Our goal is to complete our areas that are left by next week.  Enjoy the tour and keep in mind, that some of these special looks could be in your home as well, even if it is one room at a time.   Contact me for a proposal soon and your house too, could be in my Gallery as well.


A good shot of the exterior of my "show home"  located in Cottonwood Valley.  My friend Robb stopped by for a tour so I made him pose in front of the house. We are both from Houston, Mississippi and both of us call Dallas, Texas home.


A new glaze look for one of four up stairs bath's and it really brings out the movement and color of the tiles to complete yet another look in this home.


This shot is from the upstairs balcony facing the Byron Nelson Golf Course that Cottonwood Valley is famous for. If you notice, all of the exterior of this house had a Stucco look that has been treated with a two toned exterior glaze treatment.  For info and pricing about this look contact me or Woody Hickman and we will put you in contact with the contractors that could give you this look.
The stucco company is J.M.G. Stucco Contractors.  Talk to Miguel and set up your project at 214-497-7338, and I highly recommend there workmanship and quality of materials used. P.S., thanks for letting my company use your scaffolding!  David


We warmed up the formally painted cement look columns with a golden base color and finished off with a very warm brown glaze.  It makes these columns blend in color wise and stand out as an architectural feature to add to our living room overall look.


Entry ceilings before.


Pedro with his special finish work in the two domes.


Finished Door with Glaze look close up.


Another special contractor that I brought in just to help create special interest in these door areas by adding a dark instant shadow effect with a rich brown color that only settles in the recesses of the doors. J D came in from Austin to help us finish up this project.  Another friend from my hometown in Mississippi who lives and works in Texas now.


Ceiling in progress in Theatre room located upstairs.


The ceiling area in the theatre/game room area that makes this spot unique and will welcome guest's to this great area of the house.


Kitchen area from the living room with columns and ceiling areas highlighted.


Rear of the house showing the stucco texture treatment.


Another great photo of the view from the back of this grand home.


The already glazed "groin ceilings" are given an added look by "haloing" the peaks and valleys of this very distinct area of four different hallways in this house.  By doing so, we have created even more interest in a very unique area already.


Our newest and finest look in the stairwell dome area.  This was completed after a trail and error process, but well worth the wait. This will be a very dramatic look to add to our overall look that is already show room quality.


Another employee, Ted, that has been with David Simmons Designs for many years preforming a glaze technique on the kitchen ceiling area.  In this shot you see the painted before, the heavy application of the glaze color and the finished look once we remove the bulk of the color to create the warm interest to this ceiling area.


Derek adding a glaze treatment on the Crown area of the smaller dome.


A glazed niche area also in the game room area upstairs stands out against the lighter glazed walls and ceilings.


Derek laid on his back to get this art photo.


Another angle of the Theatre room area.

I will continue to upgrade daily as we get closer to completing our home full of special finished looks and wrapping up with the after our client moves in furnished looks.  Which are always the best shots.    Thanks for visiting.  
David Simmons     David Simmons Designs       Feel free to contact us for any of your special finish, texture, paint, or Glaze needs.