This Toll Brothers built home in the Frisco area had some beautiful cabinets but they were missing the lived in feeling that a nice light glaze technique could add. We applied our glazing technique in about ten days and also completed a Harlequin wall treatment for the baby's room to go with the baby's bedding.


The job before we got started on the cabinets.  Nice but needed an enhancement to complete the look and that is where we came in.  After having done several Toll Brothers show homes over the past several years, we came highly recommended.  Most of my work is on a referral system of word of mouth from one customer to another.


Quite a change for the better is starting to really enhance the entire space.  It is amazing what a little color can do for your space as well.


A close up at a door and a corner to really give you a closer look at exactly what we are trying to accomplish with this technique.


Notice how the overall appearance has been warmed up to complete the transformation to a new updated finished look and actually makes the tile application "pop" as well.


A harlequin treatment created and applied by my partner, who is a rather great artist on his own, Derek Minor.  We have been working together for over ten years now and many more to come.  David.