Since we do commercial spaces with the same vigor as we do residential, here is one very good doctor's office makeover from last Summer.  This is the office of Dr.Brian Selkin located in North Plano.  We were contracted to add a texture prime and paint it and then add a glaze to bring out the pattern and create a waiting room that is warm and inviting for his customers.

For the children, we completed a waiting area full of colorful murals in popular shapes and images. Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer and Spider-man to name a few.  I have several Mural artists on file and we can create many pleasing looks for the project whether it is an office or a kids room at home.


The finished look complete with his Doctors sign in place.


Another section of finished walls complete with the kids mural area.


This is the before texture look, that we started this business space with.


A closer look at Sponge Bob in the works with my right hand man Derek in the shot to show the size of the mural in progress.


Another finished wall shot.


A finished shot that is very inviting to this new doctors office that is getting closer to opening it's doors for business.


This is what the texture application looks like before we add a base coat and follow with the glaze technique that creates our final look for our client.


Pedro in action with his friend Spiderman.  Pedro is a sight artist and he can recreate almost any look and feel for any client with a little direction like a photograph or a computer printout.

He can be reached Thu me for any and all needs.


A good shot of the finished glaze before we cleaned up and got ready for customers for our latest commercial job.  We are fully insured for any type of insurance requirements for residential or commercial projects.

Give me a call and set up an appointment to create your own individual looks.