An Historic Remodel of a 1930's hotel where my crew is working with some restored custom plaster.  To get the look back to what it used to be, we
add two different glazes and then finish up with a liquid gold leaf highlight to get the final look.


This is an historic remodel and the newly remodeled hotel will be opened in December of this year or January of 2013.  This group of photos is phase 1 of at least three phases. This is the ceiling and it is up about forty feet from the floor but really good scaffolding is set up.


This is the very first spot of the project for me and this is the sample that was approved to do the entire plaster look on all of the levels.

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I like to be in a picture every now and then.  This is after both glazes are added and one of the bigger areas gets the gold leaf look.


a close up of the first two glazes in the ballroom area applied and waiting for the gold leaf treatment.


Lobby area with the reception desk in our final week of work.


The original ornamental metal with the "S" logo that is on the exterior of the Settles Hotel get's a new look. Painted black and then highlighting the "S" with our liquid gold leaf to complete

the new look for the 1930's hotel.


The first glaze applied to the new plaster after it was painted and before we added the darker highlight and finished off with the liquid gold leaf.


Grand Ballroom project on the secound floor.  The raised texture before glaze and gold leaf added.


Two valuable members of my five man crew, Rod and Shanon.  Standing in fron of the more finished parts of the grand Ballroom of the Settles Hotel.


A look at the levels of our work from the highest ceiling area to the gold "S" areas on the metal rails to the wood grain finish below the "S" 's that surround the area.

The lighting ceremony is on Dec. 28th and the New Years parties are booked solid already.


The scaffolding from the first floor looking up to where we were working.  Also you can see some of the plaster work that will be included in phase 2, our next project.


Two of my guys applying the first glaze color to bring out the raised plaster molding on the ceiling of the Grand Ballroom. Two mor steps to go to complete the look.Enter content here


Me in front of a job well done.  The next step is the painters will come in and add the base coat for the walls and the ceilings to complete the new updated yet old look.

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The cast iron metal Settles "S" that is on the railing around the lobby area that has been highlighted by adding Liquid Gold Leaf to finish the look.

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